Mastering the master Runner

S#%! YOU NEED TO KNOW TO Position master runners For CONSISTENt & healthy TRAINING, longevity, & Performance


do you ever get frustrated working with master runners WHO perpetually seem to seesaw between training & injury?

Join us for this 4-hr masterclass that will fast-track you to becoming A go-to resource when it comes to helping this fun Yet challenging bunch of runners.

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Why we developed this course

Unbeknownst to most folks, the term "Master runner" applies to any runner who is 35 and over. Considering that endurance participation among Master athletes has steadily risen in recent decades, it is important for practitioners and coaches to develop a refined understanding of the specific physiological and biomechanical changes that have been documented in this group. Master runners also exhibit a unique injury pattern and profile. Taking the time to fully ascertain their past medical history is therefore essential to properly assess and address any residual impairments. Gaining a lens into a Master runner's overall ecosystem is also critical to developing a comprehensive training plan as they are likely to face a different set of considerations, responsibilities, and challenges relative to their younger counterparts. By taking the time to capture this information while appreciating key factors related to facilitating trust and effective communication you will be well-positioned to cultivate a great working relationship with Master runners that will set them up for consistent, healthy, and strong training.


Review the performance demands of running AS WELL AS anticipated physiological & biomechanical changes that occur with increasing age

Review KEY physical performance tests (PPTs) and standards specific to the master runner AS WELL AS A SELECT GROUP OF APPS THAT CAN BE USED TO OBJECTIFY THE RESULTS

DISCUSS THE Primary exercises, RATIONALE, AND STRATEGIES FOR IMPLEMENTATION into an overall training program

HIGHLIGHT EXERCISE parameters USING AN AUTOREGULATORY APPROACH TO ENSURE AN APPOPRIATE STIMULUS is being created through a resistance training program

Demonstrate how RPE (rate of perceived exertion) can be used along with objective data metrics in determining readiness to train and intra-session intensity and effort.

Discuss the importance of developing a coaching philosophy in order to guide athlete development and performance

Identify the actions and behaviors of rehabilitation professionals which contribute to success in developing a ‘coaching practice’

Compare and contrast the attributes and characteristics that enhance effective coaching and athlete development

Explain the program fundamentals for the masters and GeriAthlete across the performance spectrum

Discuss the common injury profile and characteristics specific to the master runner in contrast to their younger counerparts

What You Get

4-hr private masterclass LED by Chris Johnson & Joel Sattgast w/ Q & A session

A PDF of the slide deck used for the presentation

A copy of the video recording for your personal records

1 FREE month of The Runner's Zone ($24.95 value)

Access to a private Facebook group for 2 months where members can ask questions related to the class

Chris Johnson PT

Chris Johnson is a Seattle based physical therapist, performance coach, international speaker, and multiple-time Kona qualifier. He graduated from the University of Delaware (UD) as a scholar-athlete and was the captain of the Men's tennis team during his senior year. He remained at UD to earn his master's degree before relocating to New York City to accept a position at the world-renowned Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine & Athletic Trauma (NISMAT). He currently resides with his wife & two kids in Seattle and the founder/director of Zeren PT LLC, which provides physical therapy and performance coaching for endurance athletes. He is consider

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Joel Sattgast PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Joel completed his undergraduate training at Concordia University, Nebraska where he received a bachelor of science with honors in cellular and molecular biology and chemistry. He competed as a 4-year scholar athlete with both men’s soccer and indoor/outdoor track and field. He pursued a doctorate in physical therapy at Creighton University, where he served in various leadership and mentorship roles both at the university and professional level. ​ Clinically, he has directed and engaged in physical therapy services in out-patient settings focused on orthopedics, sports, work rehabilitation and occupational health and wellness, neurotrauma, and chronic pain. He has been an instructor and invited lecturer within the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Wayne State University and is currently a core faculty at Methodist University.

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If we Let you down, please tell us!

If you do not come away from this presentation with a refined lens or understanding of working with the Master runner, please let us know as we will gladly refund your registration fee. We work tirelessly to ensure a great learning experience!



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