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Bones, Tendons, Weights, & Whistles

Chris Johnson & Nathan Carlson | Sept 12th & Oct 10th, 2020

This cutting edge course provides clinicians, S&C specialists, performance coaches, & trainers with an evidence-guided framework to migrate runners & triathletes, who are dealing with bone stress injuries and/or tendon disorders, out of the medical system & on to setting personal records (PRs).

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Bone stress injuries (BSIs) & tendon disorders pose a serious challenge to runners and triathletes as well as those who look after them across the injury to performance spectrum. We developed this course to demystify the framework, considerations, & decision-making process that we apply on a daily basis in working with endurance athletes to position them for consistent & healthy training. Our aim is to help rehabilitation & fitness professionals become established as the go-to resource in their community when it comes to managing runners & triathletes. We look forward to sharing our successes & more importantly the mistakes that we've made over the years as this is what has truly shaped our current perspectives and approaches.

Upon Completing this Course Participants Will...

*Accurately describe the biomechanics, EMG, kinematics, & kinetics of walking & running while highlighting the key differences b/w these two modes of locomotion.

*Identify the incidence & risk factors of running-related injuries (RRIs) & the regions & tissues most likely affected.

*Describe the components of the biopsychosocial (BPS) model of pain & factors related to each component as it relates to managing injured runners while becoming acquainted with key tenets of motivational interviewing, therapeutic alliance, & the "common factors model"

*Conduct a run-centric orthopedic examination including conducting a battery of physical performance tests (PPTs) specific to the performance demands of running

*Learn a simple & practical approach to developing a home exercise program using "The L's of loading"

*Describe the three common strike patterns related to running as well as their respective implications as they relate to injury & performance

*Conduct a comprehensive running gait analysis using "The S's of Treadmill Running Analysis" & offer specific interventions from a gait retraining standpoint

*Become acquainted with a simple return to running program while understanding the ground rules related to making decisions in & around pain.

*Discuss the basics of bone structure & function, including the differences b/w cortical & cancellous bone, the basics of bone metabolism & the importance of activity in maintaining bone health

*Discuss the importance of the menstrual cycle in bone health, BSI rehabilitation & injury prevention

*Describe Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) & its role in BSI development

*Design & implement an exercise program designed to improve bone integrity & muscle capacity to foster a return to consistent & healthy training

*Discuss the importance of quality S&C programming during the rehab process to help better prepare their patients for the demands of running

*Discuss the importance of high impact exercise and movement variability during youth & its effect on bone health during youth, middle-age & old-age

*Discuss high & low-risk BSIs, there physiological differences & implications severity has on the rehabilitation process

*Discuss the structure of function of tendons as well as how they respond to mechanical loading

*Discuss the pathophysiology of pain as it relates to lower limb tendinopathy

*Understand the role of contraction type & intensity when it comes to managing endurance athletes presenting w/ lower limb tendinopathy.

*Become acquainted w/ the "continuum model" as well as common treatment pitfalls in regards to managing runners presenting w/ BSIs & lower limb tendinopathy.


What's the cost of the course?

Registration is $525 and gets you 2 spots per registration. We've put this pricing into place given the extenuating circumstance & challenges associated w/ COVID-19

Do we get CEUs?

This course qualifies for CEUs in WA, OR, & CO though we provide registrants with all of the necessary paperwork and documentation to petition for its approval in your respective state.

What if I can't attend the live sessions

All of the recordings will be uploaded to a dropbox folder so they can be viewed at anytime. Therefore it's a non-issue in the event that you are unable to attend the live sessions.

Anything else I should know?

We will be creating a private Facebook group for attendees to share thoughts & ideas amongst the group while posing questions to both Chris & Nathan. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who takes part in this course develops a command of the material.

Who's this course open to?

This course is open & appropriate for PTs, MDs, DCs, ATCs, S&C specialists, running coaches, performance coaches, and running coaches.

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About the Instructors

Chris Johnson is a Seattle based physical therapist, performance coach, international speaker, and multiple time Kona qaulifier. He graduated from the University of Delaware (UD) as a scholar-athlete and was the captain of the Men's tennis team during his senior year. He remained at UD to earn his master's degree before relocating to New York City to accept a position at the world-renowned Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine & Athletic Trauma (NISMAT). He currently resides with his wife & two kids in Seattle and the founder/director of Zeren PT LLC, which provides physical therapy and performance coaching for endurance athletes.

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Nathan Carlson received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Rockhurst University and currently practices in Kansas City. Since completing his degree, his clinical practice has focused on the management of both healthy and injured runners. He currently owns and operates and works with endurance athletes of all ages and ability levels from Olympic hopefuls to recreational runners. Nathan also provides consultation services for multiple local high schools on injury prevention and performance enhancement and is on staff at UMKC. He combines both current research as well as his experience working with runners to offer the most complete patient care in the Kansas City area.

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